13 February 2012

Keywords - 1

Keywords are what search strings are matched against. Choosing the right keyword is thus the first thing to success. If we fail in this very first thing, we will only waste our time and money.
  • Choosing the Right Keywords
It seems that it would’ve been possible to top the results for a one word search keyword before few centuries ago, but for now the cyberspace is so densely filled with sites it’s almost impossible to get top rankings for one word search keyword. It would be realistic to concentrate for two or more word search keyword.

10 February 2012

Title Tag - About Title Tags - 3

Here are some points to avoid while optimizing title-tags to be ahead in the Cyberspace, Which will help to rank higher in search results and entice more people to click on your site.
  • Just the Business Name as Title Tag
I know it's usual to make your title tags be your business name, especially on your home page. But your business name is around 70 characters long or contains several of your important keywords already, you should really include so that you'll be found - and visited by people who aren't familiar with your website yet.
For example, if you were searching for a local business that sold some thing, how likely would you be to click on a search result that just said a generic name like "Jones & Jones, Inc"? You probably wouldn't waste your time clicking on a search result that doesn't make it clear the company is in your city and, or that it sells what you're looking for. Because the title tag doesn't make it clear what Jones & Jones sells, or where they're located, search engines are less likely to rank that result high in search results.
  • First Few Words Aren't Important or Eye-Catching...
Research shows that people scan search results quickly. Searchers pay the most attention to the first few words in search results, and the first few results on the page.
 This image shows us where people tend to click in a page of Google search results.

Make the first few words of your title tags count by including the keywords you think will be most relevant to searchers. Or write something that will catch people's attention. Put your best foot forward, and cut the meaningless fluff.
For example, I searched for "seo consultant" and found this search result. It did catch my attention and make me read the whole search entry to see if it was really what I was looking for. But many people would just skip it, and focus on the search results that mention their search terms right up front.
  • Doesn't Include Geographic Location - if it is Important
If you have a physical retail location, or if you want to target customers in a specific region, you should make it clear to searchers and search engines where you're located. Include your neighborhood, city, state, or county - whatever makes most sense for your business - in your title tag and in other website content.

09 February 2012

Title Tag - About Title Tags - 2

Here are some points to avoid while optimizing title-tags to be ahead in the Cyberspace, Which will help to rank higher in search results and entice more people to click on your site.
  • Too Long Title Tag
Search engines display only the first 60 to 70 characters around of a web page's title tag. The rest gets chopped off and replaced with “...” so you better make sure what is important.
  • Too Short Title Tag
Short and sweet can be nice, but it might be better use all the space available to tell people and search engines about the web page. Making your title tags around 70 characters is a good way to get the most out of your title tags and optimize your chances of showing up for different keyword searches.
  • Too Many Keywords in Title Tag
I often notice most of the people used to dump some/lot keywords by separated by “, | -“ etc…
If your title tag is just a long string of keywords, it might rank well for those keywords, but the people searching for those words will probably be less likely to click that result because they are not like robots.
  • "Home" or "Home Page" as Title Tag
It may be helpful for you, but including "Home" or "Home Page" does not help visitors or search engines. All we really care about is what the page is about, and what it offers us. Why take up space with this non-information? You surely don't want to rank for the terms "home" or "home page" do you?
  • Domain Name as Title Tag
If a searcher wants what site they are going to visit to, they can look at the green URL that's visible in the search result before they click. And web pages are automatically going to rank very high (at the top unless something is wrong with your SEO) when people search for your domain name, whether it's in the title tag or not.
Put another way - Is it more important to tell people your website address, or to tell them about what you provide and show search engines a keyword?
  • No Keywords in Title Tag
The purpose of your title tag is to tell people and search engines what your web page is about. If it doesn't include keywords, what it’s going to express?

07 February 2012

Title Tag - About Title Tags - 1

Once you have a domain name then the next thing comes in seo is title for your website.
The title tag will always be one of the most important factors in achieving high search engine rankings.
In fact, fixing just the title tags of your pages can often generate quick and appreciable differences to your rankings. And because the words in the title tag are what appear in the clickable link on the search engine results page, changing them may result in more click-throughs.

Website's title tags are very important for several reasons:
  • The title tag shows up in search results as the blue link, and a good one helps the site get more clicks and visitors from search results.
  • Title tags show up when web pages are shared on social media sites like Facebook. This is important because social media mentions are now a ranking factor in Google search results. etc...

24 January 2012

Keyword - Most Important term in SEO

Keywords are the most important SEO item for every search engine. Choosing the right keyword is thus the first thing to success. If we fail in this very first thing, we will only waste our time and money. There are many ways to find which keywords best suit for us and the online population is searching for.

1. What are the keywords that describe our website best?
2. What are the keywords our competitors have chosen?
3. Most importantly what the online population is searching for?

Keywords will come later don't miss...

23 January 2012

How to choose a SEO friendly domain...

There are thousands of websites in the Internet “seeking” people’s attention, we have to do something to appear in the front row & be noticed. We do not want our website to be left alone in cyber world. I suggest starting our website project with choosing a SEO friendly domain.
Before start a website, especially for a business, there are many aspects to be considered. Choosing and buying a keyword oriented domain will not make us a hero but it may indirectly increase our visitors as Google will see links that use our domain name for comparison. So why not get a domain name that not only reaches our audience but also help us to get a little higher search results. It is known that Google tends to give weight to keywords in the domain name. That is why we must find out and use the right keyword or keyword oriented domain which describes our website.
Let’s say that - we wish to create a web design company site. First thing to be is to check for keywords that describes our business. Write down key words and phrases that our clients can reach us through search engine. Now we have to make sure that the keywords are a part of the search terms that people actually use when trying to find out product/service on the web. I suggest using the keyword tool – it helps to find out how often those keywords are in fact used in searches.
Play some time with the keyword tool and I’m sure you will enjoy choosing a successful domain name. Try to avoid choosing multi-term (multi-term-etc.com) domains. Such domains have limited SEO value. It is important that you opt for a .com possibility, because ‘.com’ tends to receive higher ranks in search engines than websites using other extensions.

22 January 2012

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Before we go for a website the first thing we need is domain.

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